Corporate Overview
SmartTeam was established in the year 2000, with core business activities in business consultancy and training. The founders of SmartTeam, Dr Chan WK and Dr Chua WS, both hold renowned positions in the industry and have obtained their academic qualifications from prestigious universities in Singapore, United States and Australia. The team is also formed by a group of qualified and skilled professionals with both acadetrainingmic and practical experience with staggered years in a wide range of industries. We aim to be the leading provider of quality education and training in the Asia Pacific region. To do so, our qualified professionals are committed to deliver quality courses, which will help you to pursue a career advancement or further your technical knowledge. The course will be conducted with real life examples and case studies.

We, at SmartTeam are here to help you succeed. This course is built with your need in mind. You can contact us at chanwk@smartteam.com.sg or chuaws@smartteam.com.sg.

The training module is to provide all learning, coaching and development necessary for all levels of staff to perform their job effectively. This includes orientation of career planning, equip with designed, developed, implemented and evaluated, based on clear identified learning and development needs.

“Our goal will be to promote from within whenever possible...many, perhaps the majority of our current entry, and middle level management, as well as several senior level executives, have been promoted and developed from our staff of telephone representatives --- each Regions should continue to improve on the identification and development of this talent base, and to invest in its people.”

Our approach to people development is founded on a very clear HRM philosophy, that is development based and not commodity based.

With this in mind, learning and development at SmartTeam:

Must maintain a dynamic balance between the corporation, business groups, and individual needs in a changing environment.
Is an investment with both short and long term returns and will be evaluated assessed and held to appropriate standards.

The Advisory Board of SmartTeam Pte Ltd
The Board provides advice on both academic and business development and pursuit of strategic initiatives for the growth of companies and the services under the umbrella of SmartTeam across all countries. The Advisory Board is represented by a group of respected leaders with academic experiences from various universities and industries. The Advisory Committee helps guide the planning of programs and services by identifying alternative policy actions or solutions and procedures.